Built in 1927, this Mediterranean revival-style home offers a

recently completed 1,250 square foot open-plan, deluxe apartment designed and built from the ground up. The entire infrastructure of foundation, walls, floors, plumbing and electrical systems and more, has been completely rebuilt, faithful to the style, meticulous detail and quality of the original, existing architecture.


A rich tapestry of colors and textures has been created through

the use of solid mahogany moldings and doors, integral-colored

plaster, acid-stained concrete floors, custom iron work, and

Malibu and Catalina-style period tile. A comprehensive lighting plan with a variety of high-end fixtures has been implemented.

For those cooler Northern California months, the hydronic,

radiant-heated floors keep the interior temperature consistently

comfortable. And for year-round enjoyment, there is a superbly

designed Mediterranean garden.  Private from the street with

several seating areas, it is lush with succulents and palms.

No expense was spared or quality compromised to create

a warm and inviting environment within an eminently livable

and desirable community. Four years in the design and implementation have resulted in what feels  more like a small, custom home than typical apartment. Nestled in the hills of Rockridge in Oakland, California, with partial views of

San Francisco, the Bay, and Mt. Tamalpais,

the extraordinary Casetta Margarido welcomes you.